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Intelligent Lighting Control :

  • Increase or decrease light automatically depending on the amount of ambient light                                                      

  • Illumination control based on individual presence                                     

  • change the color of the space to suit the tastes and needs of the residents                                                                        

  • Lighting control with remote control, mobile and tablet and Sending SMS


Electric Curtains & Blinds 

Control curtains, Scenario capability to open and close curtains depending on the amount of ambient light and weather.

Ability to open or close curtains using a control device   or smartphone

 Adjustable light according to sunrise and sunset

Cage Lamp

Smart Air conditioning

  • Adjust the temperature of each room using a user-defined scenario that allows the user to personalize.               

  • Presence-based temperature control to reduce energy consumption                                                                              

  • Change the temperature settings by changing the scenario                                                                                        

  • Control of the heating-cooling system from the outside online or via SMS


Smart Audio system

  • Using amplifiers and digital circuits to produce high-quality sound and removing noise.                                                                      

  • Ability to select and play music individually for each part of the building                                                                                      

  • Use waterproof bands for spaces such as pools, bathrooms, etc.


Smart Door opener system

  • Send each door unlock command via fingerprint sensor, password or RFID Tag defining different users' access levels                                                                                          

  • View and control the status of each door open or closed centrally through the main panel

Smart Fire alarm system

  • Disconnect the inlet gas from the home with the electric valve                                                                                                  

  • Power outage of the building entrance to prevent the lamp from switching on and off                                                                   

  • Opening electric doors and shutters                                                  

  • Turn off ventilation and air conditioning and intelligent building cooling and heating​


Smart Irrigation system

  • Schedule irrigation for cooler hours to save water.                      

  • Adjust the interruption and connection of water flow at different times                                                                                  

  • Equipped with meteorological sensors, soil temperature and humidity, atmospheric parameters                                                 

  • Adjust the inflow rate and water pressure of different areas

Smart Pet feeder

  • Ability to specify the daily schedule to the machine to determine the hour and amount of food                                    

  • Ability to refill water as well as liquidate it                          

  • This smart device ensures food health and has a soft rubber-like brush that prevents food from sticking and possibly sticking to the throat of the animal.


  • Ability to remotely control the module                                  

  • Ability to use the audio system as home theater                   

  • Customizable user interface                                                       

  • Wireless Keypad Dimmer

Smart Video and Home theater

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